For even the oldest buildings we know that maintenance is key. Reverse the effects of natural property wear and protect the value of your long-standing structures with our restoration services.


Develop your initial concepts and have them professionally managed all the way to their final stages. We streamline your project with our many building solutions for an experience that’s as seamless as possible–all in just one contract.

Construction Management

Effective management is more than just a supervisory role. Receive regular project reports and seamless coordination between architects, site workers, and key project managers all on a site that’s safety compliant.

Program Management

We know just how critical accountability is to program success. Delegate the scheduling, coordination, and cost control of your project to our professional program managers for all your large-scale projects.

Litigation Support

Reach resolutions quickly in a variety of legal capacities with our litigation support services. Our industry experience gives you the facts you need to close your construction related cases with as little hassle as possible.

Virtual Design

Hammer out the details of your next project with detailed virtual design. Our team of detail-oriented designers map out every hall, window, and doorway with unparalleled accuracy to ensure your project is as perfect as perfect gets.

Construction Consulting

Complex questions need expert answers. Whether you have general inquiries, need a second opinion, or need an in-depth consultation for a site-specific problem, the contracting professionals at Arc Construction are just a call away.

Construction Training

There’s no better teacher than real, hands-on experience. Learn from the best and get exclusive practical training from our very own industry leaders. Now training in various construction specialties!

Construction Risk Management

Risk analysis is more than just an overview of your investments. Review your risks to worker safety, stakeholders, finances, existing contracts, and competition with comprehensive management.

Construction Claims

Need to solve a dispute? We handle construction claims quickly to keep your assignment on schedule. Find fast solutions, avoid further delays and reduce your risk of litigation with Arc Construction. Call now!